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Use case in production

NLP Tool: from Modelling to Production

Annalisa Arcella

Machine Learning Engineer Manager, PwC

Dr. Annalisa Arcella is an ML Engineer Manager with a wide range of expertise from biomedical research, IoT, to financial service and transport. She is a public speaker and ambassador of Google Women Tech Makers to promote diversity and inclusion in the technology sector.

Annalisa Arcella
Annalisa Arcella
Session description

An end-to-end data science project may require a multidisciplinary team made of data scientists, engineers, and developers. Moving to the cloud, the emerging role of MLOps allows data scientists to create and manage ML pipelines at scale easily without the need for a team of data engineers. In this session, I will discuss how a small team of data scientists can see an ML tool deployed in the Google Cloud environment by using fully managed services.

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