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Regulatory guidance and AI transparency: Lessons learned from the Drug Safety Industry

Bruno Ohana

Co-founder and Head of Engineering, biologit

Bruno is co-founder and head of engineering at biologit, a startup building ML for drug safety and the life sciences. Bruno's background is in CS/NLP has over 20 years of industry experience as an engineer and engineering manager spanning startups, ML systems for life sciences and health insurance, large scale systems and fintech.

Bruno Ohana
Bruno Ohana
Session description

Across many industries the regulatory landscape for deploying ML systems is still evolving: with many so frameworks and proposals being put forward, how do practitioners make progress? In this talk, we discuss our journey in developing solutions for the drug safety industry and translating high-level guidance into actionable processes that engineering teams can adopt. We also investigate how good documentation practices from ML transparency research can help you meet your regulatory needs.

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