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Use case in production

Taking the analytics of energy flexibility in production

Eleftheria Petrianou

Big Data Engineer

Eleftheria graduated as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. Interested in the application of data science and ML to the energy sector, her diploma thesis combined successfully the two fields. She continued as a Software/Data Engineer and Researcher at the Energy Systems Analysis and Digitalization (ESAD) unit of UBITECH, working on data-driven energy projects.

Eleftheria Petrianou
Eleftheria Petrianou
Session description

The importance of flexibility in energy supply and demand has become critical for modern Energy-as-a-Service applications. In this use case, we present a fully productionized analytics dashboard targeted for the energy aggregators that provides them with insightful analytics, predictions, and optimizations regarding the optimal capacity of their customers to contribute to the energy grid supply and demand balance, through energy device scheduling and control.

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