Engineering MLOps

Emmanuel Raj

Lead Machine Learning Engineer, RELEX Solutions

Emmanuel Raj is a Finland-based Senior Machine Learning Engineer. He is a passionate ML Researcher, Software engineer, speaker and author. He is also a Lead ML Engineer at RELEX Solutions and a Researcher at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Emmanuel is the author of the book "Engineering MLOps". The book covers industry best case practices and hands-on implementation to rapidly build, test and manage production-ready machine learning life cycles at scale. There is a big evolution happening in data science towards productionizing Machine Learning, and we are moving away from notebooks and model sharing to a collaborative way of working via MLOps.

Emmanuel Raj
Emmanuel Raj
Session description

You will learn hands-on implementation of the machine learning Ops (MLOps) pipeline to build, deploy and monitor machine learning models in production.


  • Intro to MLOps and the workflow

  • Clone code and register dataset

  • Develop a model and register it

  • Deploy the model on Kubernetes

  • Load testing with

  • Monitoring the model 


  • Expected previous knowledge/experience, software, login access. 

  • Expected knowledge: python, basics of machine learning

  • You should have access to a free Microsoft Azure subscription (with free $200):

  • A personal computer or laptop with a Linux or macOS is a plus.