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Use case in production

Automated Geo A/B testing for marketing

Irena Bojarovska

Data Scientist, Zalando SE

Dr. Irena Bojarovska has been recognized by her peers as a global practitioner with 5+ years of experience and validated expertise in Data Analytics and Data Science in Marketing.

Irena Bojarovska
Irena Bojarovska
Session description

Evaluating the causal impact of marketing activities is crucial for ensuring their relevance and cost-effectiveness, and thus successful steering of future marketing spendings. We conduct geo A/B tests and use Time Based Regression (TBR) and Causal Impact to examine if the marketing campaigns have significant and plausible effects. The presented deployed solution is running on Databricks using Aws and Airflow and is able to orchestrate and run the full procedure: from planning to designing to calculating the results of the tests.

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