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Taking AI from good to great by understanding it in the real world

Itai Bar Sinai

Co-Founder and CPO, Mona

With over 10 years of experience with AI and as the CPO and head of customer success at Mona, the leading AI monitoring intelligence company, Itai has a unique view of the AI industry. Working closely with data science and ML teams applying dozens of AI solutions in over 10 industries, Itai encounters the wide variety of business use-cases, organizational structures and cultures, and technologies and tools used in today’s AI world.

Itai Bar Sinai
Itai Bar Sinai
Session description

In many forward-thinking organizations, data science teams are going through a major shift in their focus and responsibilities - from being strictly research-oriented to being responsible for outcomes and performance. In this talk, Itai discusses this shift, its importance to businesses, and how data science teams can be empowered to make this transition - by understanding how models and workflows behave in the real world.

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