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Use case in production

Monitoring network traffic in a flexibility trading platform

Konstantinos Mylonas

Data Engineer, UBITECH

Costas Mylonas, MSc in Energy Science and Technology, works as a Software/Data Engineer and Researcher at the Energy Systems Analysis and Digitalization (ESAD) unit of UBITECH. Previously, he worked as an intern at the Corporate Research Center of ABB. His work lies around smart grid analytics and data-driven energy services.

Konstantinos Mylonas
Konstantinos Mylonas
Session description

The open trading of flexibility between grid companies and flexibility service providers, at a Pan-European level, is a very complex and security error-prone project. Real-time network traffic monitoring techniques regarding packet inspection are combined with batch anomaly detection techniques to deliver a performant Big Data/ML framework in production that can serve as the orchestrator of European flexibility platforms acting as potential marketplaces.

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