How to teach Data Science?

Kristian Rother

Kristian has been accredited by the AI Guild as an accomplished teacher and enabler in the field of Data Science. He has written and translated several books on Python / ML and has a blog with teaching tips and Python exercises. Kristian believes everybody can learn programming.

Kristian Rother
Kristian Rother
Session description

To make the best use of your AI knowledge you need to pass it on. Kristian will take you on a tour through time-tested strategies to save preparation time, run coding exercises and create engaging lessons. During the workshop, you will divide a technical subject of your choice into digestible chunks that promote actionable lesson goals and motivate your learners. 

By the end of the workshop, you will create a plan for a 90' lesson on a data science or programming topic of your choice. 


  • An interest in teaching. No prior teaching experience is required. 

  • Please have a pen and paper ready. 

  • It helps if you prepare a code example (10-30 lines) on a topic that you would like to teach. Think of this code example as something you would like your students to write by themselves sometime after you have taught them. 

  • Having a laptop around helps, but the workshop works without. An internet connection is not required.


  • lesson preparation step by step

  • structuring and visualizing concepts

  • methods for warming up your audience

  • alternatives to frontal teaching

  • writing coding exercises