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Use case in production

Automated Forecasting Framework

Marcello Villa

Senior Data Scientist, Alkemy

Marcello a Senior Data Scientist at Alkemy, with over 7 years of experience working as a consultant on Data Science and ML solutions for clients across multiple industries, primarily Media, Telco, Financial Services and Healthcare.
He has gained experience in leading teams of talented Data Scientists for the development of the analytical solutions they offer to evolve businesses through data.
Since recently, Marcello is co-leading Alkemy's Deep Learning & Big Data department as Head of Strategy & Operations.

Marcello Villa
Marcello Villa
Session description

The framework has been designed to facilitate the data collection, standardize data pre-processing, allow the selection and comparison of multiple forecasting models, manage all possible parameterisations in a unified way, provide robust backtesting, and select the most accurate predictions. The solution optimizes the daily forecasting process for the client in terms of effort savings, speed of iteration, and accuracy of results.

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