Use case in production

AI in industrial machine vision applications

Markus Schatzl

Innovation Lab Director, senswork GmbH

Markus Schatzl is a computer scientist working as a machine vision engineer for almost 15 years. He currently directs the senswork Innovation Lab in Munich. senswork is developing turnkey industrial imaging systems which cover machine engineering, the complete image acquisition setup up to analysis software. His particular interest are advanced solutions like high performance / high speed imaging systems, complex linescan approaches or multicamera 3D setups.

Markus Schatzl
Markus Schatzl
Session description

senswork GmbH develops industrial machine vision systems for more than a decade, with a focus on Deep Learning in automated quality assessment.

Especially for applications with industrial requirements that require optical sensors, DL/ML is not as widely deployed as commonly anticipated.

From our experience, this is due to the complexity of these particular cyber-physical systems, which require a high degree of interdisciplinary expertise.

We are dedicated to lowering the threshold into this environment by progressively opening up our internal tools – in the form of modular concepts that allow an accessible implementation of industry-ready approaches.