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Use case in production

Be ready for safety-critical AI applications

Mirko Knaak

Leader of AI projects, IAV

Dr. Mirko Knaak is an AI Safety Leader and an accredited leader by the AI Guild. He is recognized by his peers as a leading practitioner with 23+ years of experience and validated expertise in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. Mirko has a significant impact on the implementation of AI in the automotive industry. He fashioned many excellent prototypes and products throughout his career while also enabling many individuals to prosper in the field. At IAV in Berlin, he leads AI project development and, especially, Safe AI deployment.

Mirko Knaak
Mirko Knaak
Session description

If AI enters domains being critical to safety or security, a tremendous precaution is needed as the developing companies are liable or need a certification. This will tightened as regulators all over the world are drafting new laws for AI – such as the EU act. Answers can be “Safe AI”. Based on that the session will discuss practical questions such as "Which security architecture is suitable?", "How can I prove the sufficiency of the amount of data?" etc.

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