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Visual data exploration with python

Nico Kreiling

Senior Data Scientist, scieneers

Nico is a senior data scientist at Scieneers and a passionate tech enthusiast that loves to dive into technical details. Currently, his work focuses on cross-domain recommender systems and NLP. Aside of that, he hosts the german tech-podcast Techtiefen.

Nico Kreiling
Nico Kreiling
Session description

This workshop provides an overview of five different python plotting libraries, to give you impression of their methodology and coding-style so that you can choose one that fits best to your needs. Especially we will have a look on libraries interactive features, will bring life to some static charts using panel and combine multiple visualizations into a powerful dashboard.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a good overview of the python plotting and dashboarding eco-system.  


  • Introduction to Visual Data Exploration and important concepts

  • An overview and introduction of common plotting libraries (Plotly, Altair, ..)

  • An overview of libraries for interactive dashboards (Voila, Streamlit, Panel)


  • expected previous knowledge/experience: Basic Python knowledge

  • software: Installed Python / Jupyterlab

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