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Use case in production

Item moderation and data multi-labeling for multinational e-commerce

Olga Megorskaya

Founder and CEO, Toloka AI

Olga Megorskaya is the founder & CEO at Toloka AI, a global data labeling solution that unites over 200,000 monthly active performers from 100 countries on a global multifunctional platform to serve data-driven companies worldwide. Previously, Olga developed data production infrastructure and implemented effective use of crowdsourced data labeling for all ML-based products of European tech-giant Yandex, including search, maps, voice assistant, self-driving cars, and more. Olga is a co-author of research papers on efficient crowdsourcing and quality control and spoke at a number of international conferences. In 2021, Olga was awarded Digital Leader of the Year and Innovator of the Year by Women in Tech Excellence Award in 2021, and was featured in Entrepreneur, HackerNoon, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, etc.

Olga Megorskaya
Olga Megorskaya
Session description

In this talk delivered jointly by global data labeling platform Toloka and AliExpress, a leading Russian-Chinese e-commerce marketplace, we will share a practical use case focusing on high-quality multilingual data annotation at an industrial scale. Lena Gruntova, product director at AliExpress, will share their experience setting up data annotation processes for search relevance, object matching, and localization.

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