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The uncommon monitoring challenges unique to Fintech

Oren Razon

Co-founder and CEO, Superwise

Oren is the co-founder and CEO of Superwise, the leading platform for model observability. With over 15 years of experience leading the development, deployment, and scaling of ML products, Oren is an expert ML practitioner specializing in MLOps tools and practices.
Previously, Oren managed machine learning activities at Intel’s ML center and operated a machine learning boutique consulting agency helping leading tech companies such as Sisense, Gong, AT&T, and others, to build their machine learning-based products and infrastructure.

Oren Razon
Oren Razon
Session description

Fintech is one of the fastest industries to adopt ML and achieve high-scale operational AI. This Fintech - ML boom also brings some uncommon monitoring challenges unique to the fintech industry. In this keynote, I'll walk you through the challenges of unbalanced use cases, adversarial attacks, and delayed feedback for fintech companies and share our best practices on how to overcome them.