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AI Governance in Practice

Rasmus Hauch


Rasmus Hauch is Chief Technology Officer at 2021.AI, where he offers Grace AI GRC platform - Full support for Governance, Risk & Compliance for AI and the necessary help and consulting to get started.

Rasmus Hauch
Rasmus Hauch
Session description

Until very recently, machine ethics has been a topic reserved for science fiction written before the twenty-first century. The machines don’t rule our society yet, at least not in the way that science fiction would like us to believe it would happen. Driven by easy access and the low cost of data storage and computing capabilities, the use of machine-driven intelligence has increased significantly in the last two decades. Machine learning algorithms, or AI, now impacts our lives in innumerable ways – making decisions that can have material or immaterial harm on the lives of the individuals affected by those decisions. This session will cover the following Responsible AI principles: - Transparent & explainable - Fair & equitable - Accountable - Respectful of privacy & data governance - Robust & reliable We will go through the current global regulatory landscape in AI and discuss regulatory challenges in various industries and how these can be ensured in AI Solutions. We will discuss the gap between data science and legal teams within an organization and how to develop common vocabularies in a project team.

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