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Lessons learned when hiring and retaining data professionals

Tereza Iofciu

Head Data Science Coach, neuefische

Dr. Tereza Iofciu is an experienced speaker on data, product, management, and diversity. Having worked as a data science manager, data scientist, data engineer, and product manager, she is an accredited leader with 15+ years of experience and validated expertise in Data Science and Machine Learning. She is a co-organizer of the PyLadies Hamburg group, hosting regular meetups dealing with data, python, and IOT together with some awesome ladies. She is also a PSF Code of Conduct and Diversity & Inclusion working groups member and has been awarded the Python Software Foundation 2021 Q1 community service award.

Tereza Iofciu
Tereza Iofciu
Session description

Every company wants to hire Data Scientists these days. But what is a Data Scientist? The role is quite broad, Data Science is a team effort, and many job descriptions want everything. It is also not clear if the companies know what role they need or want what they need. It can be frustrating getting a job only to discover it has nothing to do with what you expected. There are so many things one can read between the lines and get some idea about how realistic the job description is. How advanced is the data infrastructure? How diverse and inclusive is the culture? This talk is relevant both for people looking for new roles in Data Science and for companies that strive to do better with their job descriptions and culture and attracting data scientists that fit their needs.

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