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Valuable connections only

Connect to practitioners and buyers advancing AI adoption


 Be present at the AI Guild online events leading to the in-person summit.


Share your brand’s content with the AI Guild audience via our social media and mailing list.


Achieve recognition with data professionals for your product, team and company strategy.

Personalized networking from now until the event via curated connections to practitioners and buyers. 

Season Partner
From €25,000
  • Presence at three events to June 2022

  • Curated connections to practitioners and buyers

  • Tailored engagement via social media and mailing list

  • 5 General Admissions tickets

  • Summit Live Stage or Booth

  • Access to leaders lounge (Director, Principal, VP+ level only)

Summit Stage
From €8,000
  • 3 General Admissions tickets

  • 180-minutes stage rights (design and run your stage or booth)

  • Access to leaders lounge (Director, Principal, VP+ level only)

1000+ Experienced practitioners
100+ VIP Buyers

  • 1000+ AI Guild members with 2-10 years of experience

  • 100+ leaders are Director, Principal, VP, CDO, and CTO

  • We run a VIP Buyer program (2022)


  • Engage all practitioners in Europe. Repeat until July 2022.

  • Demonstrate how to advance AI adoption.

  • Be recognized as the go-to partner.

Connect for your tailored package


Thank you! Chris Armbruster or Dânia Meira will reach out to you.

​Next Steps

  1. Join a phone call to discuss your requirements.

  2. Review the agreement and agree on the details.

  3. Advance AI Adoption with #datalift.