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🚀Announcing the first speakers of the #datalift summit 2023!

Speakers at the #datalift summit 2023
Speakers at the #datalift summit 2023

Azhaguselvan Sivamurugan, Principal Engineer at Yaak GmbH. He's experienced in building and maintaining massive cloud-based (AWS mainly) infrastructure.

◾ Dr. Darina Goldin, Director Data Science at Bayes Esports. A leading practitioner with 6+ years of experience and validated expertise in Data Analytics and Data Science in Esports will lead a workshop on learning to read complex math formulae.

Davide Posillipo, Lead Data Scientist at Alkemy. With over eight years in Data Science, Davide is since last year helping Alkemy build from scratch the internal Deep Learning & Big Data Department. He will share what he has learned doing innovation in data science.

Elif Schaefer, Data Lead and Mentor. She has worked in BI for over nine years and cares significantly about team members' well-being. She is interested in a data-driven measure of team performance and employee engagement while leading data teams and will talk about how to enhance trust in data (teams)

◾ Dr. Evdokia Kazimirova, Data Scientist at HelloFresh. She has both academic and industrial experience since 2016. Eva will discuss the internal tool for A/B testing she's currently developing.

◾ Dr. Irena Bojarovska, Applied Scientist at Zalando SE. Her peers have recognized her as a global practitioner with 5+ years of experience and validated expertise in Data Analytics and Data Science in Marketing. Irena will share how her team is doing demand forecasting.

◾ Dr. Nima H. Siboni, Senior Research Engineer in InstaDeep Ltd and Guest researcher at Max-Planck-Institute. His expertise lies at the intersection of AI and simulation, namely optimization. He will share the learnings and pitfalls of RL product development compared to other AI products.

Randall Helms, VP of Data at Penta. With over eleven years in the BI and Analytics field, he is a deeply experienced leader. Randall will talk about Building Data Teams: A biased but hopefully useful guide.

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