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Call for Speakers for 2023

Do you have use cases in production? Does your company have experience with data platforms and infrastructure?

The AI Guild has opened the call for speakers for the next #datalift summit.

Berlin, 14 to 16 June 2023

This call is for you; especially, if you are one of the following

  • AI Guild member

  • #datalift participant

  • Practitioner in the industry and startups that is a Lead, Head, or Director.

Your three options are as follows.

Show Use Cases in Production.

A 20-minute talk for practitioners.

  • Validate your use case insights

  • Make connections with your peers

  • Get practical answers to your challenges

Run a Hands-on Workshop

A 3-hour interaction structured by you.

  • Provide independent insight and recommendations

  • Enhance your reputation for AI by practice

  • Win new customers or colleagues

Share Data and Platform Practices

Give a keynote to

  • Present a quality data infrastructure

  • Discuss data teams and careers

  • Indicate how your company achieves scalable deployment

Is this an opportunity for you?

All potential speakers will have the opportunity to speak with the Ai Guild and personally find out which of the three options is best suited.

We expect all speakers and workshop leaders to be prepared fully ahead of the conference date. The following dedicated support is available:

  1. Ideas and instructions for preparing your workshop or speech.

  2. Feedback and dry-run of your presentation and materials.

  3. A moderator on the day, managing your session.

If you are interested and available, please leave your details and we will reach out.


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