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#datalift Moderator Insights

#datalift events bring together data practitioners, entrepreneurs, and everyone involved in the data world as well as data enthusiasts. There, it is possible to ask direct questions to the presenters, who are experts in solving business problems through data.

#datalift events are an opportunity to network
"#datalift events are an opportunity to network"

As an AI Guild member, I participated in the events and moderated two use case sessions coming in contact with the #datalift attendants' interests.

Whether technical or business questions, the audience attending #datalift is usually very engaged. Some of the questions asked by the public are strictly technical while others are about how to handle communication between teams, how to deal with customers in different parts of the world, or how different types of models performed in real scenarios.

In #datalift No 1 we had an insight into how data scientists at Delivery Hero deploy AI models specifically designed for particular countries and regions giving the company a great potential for expansion to new markets.

Also, these events are the opportunity to find the latest state-of-the-art in fields like Natural Language Processing and computer vision and get in touch with the people putting these innovations into practice. For example, in #datalift No 3 we learned how Narrativa.com integrates artificially generated text into media articles by fine-tuning Google’s T5 model for paraphrasing and synthetic data creation.


In every edition of #datalift, the audience asks presenters about job opportunities, possibilities of internships, or qualifications. Even data enthusiasts who want to become data practitioners find useful information about career perspectives in the use cases sessions. In addition to this, the online format gives the chance to connect with experts and talent worldwide making it a unique opportunity to network.

If you are curious about how experts apply AI to business and want to ask questions directly to them #datalift is the event to attend.

If you're interested in using data and ML to make a difference in people’s lives,

reach out to me on LinkedIn!


Join #datalift No 5

Friday, 28 May at 11.00 CEST. 500 seats for 180 minutes on how to close the gap to deployment. Here's what we offer you:

  • Take part in the discussion with AI Guild members about challenges and solutions for the deployment of data analytics and machine learning solutions.

  • Enjoy peer-to-peer networking in the 60+ minutes via chat and video.

  • Check out the virtual expo and find your preferred partner to get first-hand information via one-on-one interactions.

All that is just one click away. Live. Register for free here

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