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#datalift partner: GS1 Hackathon 2020

GS1 is a Not-for-Profit standards organization, most well-known for its best seller: “The Barcode”. With it, digitalizing product information became fairly easy, and standardizing product-related information became their daily business. All that information is located and managed the atrify platform. This is one of the best product databases worldwide, with high-quality data; powered by Google Cloud.

GS1 in Europe and its partners are hosting their first Hackathon together: Boosting radically honest products with AI and data

The main purpose of this hackathon is to develop customer-centric solutions for more mindful and radically honest products, with the help of AI and data sources.


The Hackathon will focus on three main topics:

- Sustainability

- Nutrition

- Personalization/Individualization

And the proposed solutions should focus on the use of the following technologies:

- Computer Vision/AR/VR

- Text Mining

- Atrify Product Data API

Atrify, Auto-ID Labs and Google Cloud will provide access to data, and support you during the hackathon.

For more information, check the hackathon webpage: https://gs1hackathon2020.devpost.com/

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