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#datalift use cases in production for financial services

Let's break the proof-of-concept cycle and productionize data analytics and machine learning.

With #datalift, we show you how business and government can scale the data economy now.

In this post, we highlight use cases in production presented by AI Guild members who are experts in deploying ML for financial services.


Automated decision-making for supplier management. Invoice classification

Presented by Dr. Nicholas Hoff, Founder, New Approach Technologies

Moderated by Evan Simpson, Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Nicholas Hoff is the founder of New Approach Technologies. He has been in the field since 2011. Nick holds an MSc in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering from MIT, and a Ph.D. in AI from Harvard University. Dr. Nicholas Hoff has been accredited by the AI Guild as qualified to perform at the highest standards for technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society. He has been recognized by his peers as a global practitioner with 10+ years of experience and validated expertise in Data Science and Deep Learning.

Can you automatically and accurately decide whether to pay an invoice? How to automate decision-making at the 99.5% confidence level. Dr. Nicholas shows the invoice classification problem he solved for his consulting client Société Générale. We survey some of the machine learning techniques that he considered using: why they worked, and when they didn't work. Finally, he discusses the solution that went into production and elaborates on some of the more interesting points about productionizing machine learning.

Watch the recorded live session here:

Read the full use case in the #datalift ebook in Kindle.


Putting Data Analytics in Production for 50 Million Customers. An Insight into Sparkassen-Data Analytics

Presented by Dr. Nevena Palic, Data Scientist at S Rating und Risikosysteme GmbH

Moderated by Promit Ray, Data Engineer

Dr. Nevena Palic is a Data Scientist in the Data Analytics department at S Rating und Risikosysteme, a central service provider for the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in Germany. She has been in the field since 2018. Before that, she completed a PhD in Mathematics.

S Rating und Risikosysteme GmbH develops Data Analytics solutions to support financial institutions in Sparkassen Finanzgruppe in customer advisory all over Germany. Sparkassen-DataAnalytics is a set of various solutions based on machine learning and data analysis that help the financial institutions in understanding their customers, addressing them specifically and advising them in an optimal way.

In this talk presented live at #datalift No 2, Dr. Nevena gave an insight into the work of the Data Analytics department at SR and we will have a closer look into one B2B product affinity score. Read more at this link.


Automated credit risk assessment. How Klarna scales online shopping transactions

Presented by Vaibhav Singh, Senior Data Science Manager, Klarna

Moderated by Corrie Bartelheimer, Senior Data Scientist

Vaibhav Singh is the Senior Data Science Manager at Klarna, Europe's most highly valued fintech startup processing >1m transactions daily. Vaibhav has been in the field since 2015 and was a software engineer prior. He holds an MSc in Communications System Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, UK.

For a leading online payment solutions provider, automated decision-making needs to be fast and accurate. Klarna uses Machine Learning models to provide a one-click solution at the point of sale that effectively takes the risk away from both the seller and the buyer. Risk management is an important part but not the only thing anymore in Klarna. The company is now moving into social shopping in which shopping personalization, for example, AI-based personal stylist, will play an important role.

Watch the recorded live session here:

Read the full use case in the #datalift ebook in Kindle.


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