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Delivery Hero is a new #datalift summit partner company!

DeliveryTech, Delivery Hero’s global tech team, is responsible for building an incredible range of tools and tech solutions that span the full customer journey, starting with an online search for food and ending with a delicious meal arriving at the front door.

Their Berlin office alone has over 100 nationalities – that’s a third of the world’s nationalities. They celebrate diversity with regular culture days, prayer rooms, gender-neutral bathrooms, and more.

Please stop by their booth on 23 June to see how you can become part of a global team of Heroes.

Prior to Delivery Hero joining as a partner, Aleksandra Kovachev, Data Science Manager had already committed to presenting a use case in production: "Dish catalogue optimization: unstructured data to knowledge graph". See you at the #datalift summit!


More about Delivery Hero

What started as an ambitious idea is now the leading local delivery company. Delivery Hero is present in around 50 countries across four continents and is on a mission to deliver anything straight to customers’ doors.

With a modern office in the heart of Berlin, we have flexible working hours, welcoming shared spaces, and even a napping room for when you need a quick recharge. Check out the open positions here: https://bit.ly/3uBkoMd

Check out Delivery Hero on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter


The AI Guild strives to ensure diversity and inclusion in all our events.

Find our diversity policy here.

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