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Elia Group is a new #datalift summit partner company!

50Hertz is the energy Transmission System Operator (TSO) for eastern Germany. Together with Elia, the TSO for Belgium, it is part of the Elia Group.
Elia group is a #datalift partner company
Elia group is a #datalift partner company

Working at the group level across both TSOs, the AI Center of Excellence (CoE) helps to equip the entire business with the skills and tools needed to advance the use of AI.

🥳 The AI Guild is excited to partner with the Elia Group for the #datalift summit!

On Friday, 24 June, the Elia group will host the #datalift workshops in their Headquarters in Berlin near the Berlin Central Station. And their data scientists will run the workshop “Create and deploy an interactive Energy Time Series Forecaster”, using open source data from Elia Group’s open data initiative.

💻 Join for hands-on learning, learn more about the Elia Group AI CoE and mingle with the practitioners and experts!


More about Elia Group

Elia group is a #datalift partner company
Elia group is a datalift company partner

Elia Group is active in electricity transmission. With its two TSOs - Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz in Germany - the Group is one of the top 5 leading transmission system operators in Europe.

Check out Elia Group on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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Find our diversity policy here.

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