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Full program for #datalift No 1

90 minutes at lunchtime on Friday 25/09. Join 500+ experts discussing leading use cases for #dataanalytics and #machinelearning. Hear how you can scale out of the recession with the data economy. Experience #datalift with the AI Guild, Airbus, Siemens Mobility, Delivery Hero, Klarna, Société Générale (by New Approach Technologies), xbird, and OLX.

11.00 Welcome to the #datalift by Dania Meira and Dr. Chris Armbruster (AI Guild)

11.05 Dr. Peter Heise Data Analytics and AI Community Leader, Airbus

  • “The Airbus AI story - Upskilling 1000s of engineers to data analytics and machine learning”

  • Moderated by Chris Armbruster

11.25 Irina Vidal Migallón Technical Lead AI & Computer Vision, Siemens Mobility

  • “Railway maintenance and autonomous vehicles: more similar and more different than you'd think”

  • Moderated by Sven Krüger

11.45 Use case in production. Please chose the use case in production that you want to interact with (and participants registered via Eventbrite will have access to the recordings of all use cases).

11.50 Use cases in production

Use Case 1 Dr. Aleksandra Kovachev Senior Machine Learning Engineer; and Varun Chitale, Data Scientist, Delivery Hero

  • “Marketplace recommendation system. How Delivery Hero discovers where, when, and what customers want”

  • Moderated by Macarena Beigier-Bompadre

Use Case 2 Vaibhav Singh Senior Data Science Manager, Klarna

  • “Automated credit risk assessment and fraud detection in online payments. How Klarna deploys at scale for online shopping transactions”

  • Moderated by Corrie Bartelheimer

Use Case 3 Dr. Nicholas Hoff Founder, New Approach Technologies

  • “Automated decision making for supplier management. Invoice classification for Société Générale”

  • Moderated by Evan Simpson

Use Case 4 Evdokia Kazimirova Machine Learning researcher, xbird

  • “Moving towards personalized digital healthcare for people living with diabetes”

  • Moderated by Marija Vlajic Wheeler

Use Case 5 Alexey Grigorev Lead Data Scientist, OLX

  • “Image metadata extraction at scale for an online classifieds platform. How OLX productionizes Deep Learning models”

  • Moderated by Henrieke Max

12.30 Close of the program. Your invitation to #datalift No 2 on 27 November 2020 arrives.

Last-minute registration via Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.de/e/112684783220

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