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Full program for #datalift No 3

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Enjoy use cases in production from agriculture, automotive, banking, manufacturing, and media. Click here to join the discussion with AI Guild members online, for free.

11.00 Welcome to the #datalift No 3 by Dânia Meira and Dr. Chris Armbruster (AI Guild)

11.05 AI in automotive, and it's potential for intelligent mobility systems

Key interview with Prof. Dr. Torsten Schön, the ex-Audi / VW AI Tech Lead (for the 8000+ employees at Car.SW Org) and Professor for Computer Vision for Intelligent Mobility Systems at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.

11.30 Use cases in production

Shravani Basu, Managing Director, SBSF Agritech UG

  • "Leveraging Data to Ensure Food and Agri-commodity Supply Chain Security"

Dr. Nevena Palic, Data Scientist at S Rating und Risikosysteme GmbH

  • "Putting Data Analytics in Production for 50 Million Customers. An Insight into Sparkassen-Data Analytics"

Sebastian Duerr, Machine Learning Engineer at MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

  • "Paraphrasing in news reporting with deep neural nets"

Badru Stanicki, Data Scientist & Instructor at Propulsion Academy Zürich

  • "Statistical Health Monitoring of Manufacturing Machines - From Sensors to Insight to Deployment”

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