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How to turn AI into ROI

A survey of more than 2,500 senior executives and other managers from 29 industries in 97 countries, conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG, sheds light on the challenges of AI. While 9 out of 10 see AI as a business opportunity, only 7 report little or no gain from AI efforts.

The coolest technology is useless unless deployed for a business case. European companies will lose out to American and Chinese competitors, who deploy more pragmatically and much faster.

Creating real value through AI and ML in any industry requires efficiently integrating models in business processes and system environments.

AI Guild members share the mission of advance AI adoption in industry and startups
The AI Guild mission is to advance AI adoption

To advance AI adoption is the mission of the AI Guild: Europe’s largest data practitioner community with 800+ members, of which 200+ are leaders in the field, e.g. technical leads, business architects, Bootcamp directors, university professors, startup founders, industry CxO.

Deploy! is what #datalift is all about

It might be easy to think a project is done once algorithm development is complete. The model built has promising results, enough to greenlight the integration into the production environment. This is a crucial step for businesses to get value from their data.

Deploying machine learning models to production is the process of integrating, robustly and reliably, the trained models in production environments.

This is what makes the models' outputs available: the predictions, scores, inferred classes, or recommendations. It is where they will be accessed by others, whether that be users, management, or other software systems.

What #datalift achieves

Across more than ten industries, from leading corporates to leading startups, and on to new firms, we have heard from those having use cases in production.

Read this previous post in which we have listed 5 challenges of advancing AI adoption and how the #datalift speakers, members of the AI Guild, have worked them out.

With a loyal audience of practitioners interested in closing the gap to deployment, of which more than half have roles as Seniors, Leads, Directors, and CxO, the #datalift event series from No 1 to 5 has become the key forum for exchange on what works and what is best practice.

#datalift is the ecosystem to push forward the deployment of data analytics and ML use cases at scale.

Practitioners combine domain and data expertise across industries for identifying use cases, building the data pipelines, and deploying models to production.

This is the chance for returning to growth and securing prosperity for companies, citizens, and the country. Companies utilizing data grow faster and are more valuable by an order of magnitude. For European businesses, the time to act is now.

We are growing the ecosystem of deployment together with the most relevant and committed industry partners. Support the drive for more deployment in Europe by making an AI Guild #datalift event “powered by you".

You achieve recognition with professionals across Europe for your product, team, and company strategy. Let's talk!

Click here to book a conversation with Dânia Meira, head of #datalift

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