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Meet our partners for #datalift No 5

They are deploying data analytics and machine learning

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#datacareer by AI Guild

Advance your #datacareer

We have you covered from entry-level to lead and CxO.

Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

You have at least 4 years of experience in the field, and are senior, lead, or management? ​Get recognition for performing to the highest quality standards.



Design your AI-Machine Vision Solution

DevisionX enables Manufacturers/ Businesses to apply AI & Machine vision in solving their daily challenges [such as: Quality Inspection process] through using "TUBA" AI-Enabling Tool: a NO-Code AutoML Tool helps Manufacturers & Businesses to build their own AI- Machine Vision/Computer Vision App Without Coding Without AI Experience: Label, train, integrate That's It!



Visual Search AI

We are deep learning experts with a decade of experience in computer vision. We offer an AI powered visual image search engine that can be integrated into the software stack of our B2B clients to make their internal image collections searchable. pixolution Flow is implemented in a wide variety of platforms and websites to enhance search and image management workflows. Beyond that, we build custom AI models that can be plugged into pixolution Flow and extend its functionality. These are mainly image classification or image detection models to automate and accelerate business processes or prevent user fraud. We train the models and we build the complete pipelines for production. Our clientele includes Digital Asset Management vendors, news agencies, retail companies, and cultural institutions



The world’s fastest-growing network of trading platforms.

We build leading destinations for buying, selling, and exchanging products and services, used by 300 million people every month.



Become more persuasive with the help of AI.

Persuaide is an AI-powered tool that improves your persuasiveness in written text. You can think of it to be like a grammar checker but rather than checking for grammar, it gives you suggestions on how to be more convincing.


Community Partners

We are happy to have them in the growing #datalift ecosystem that pushes forward the deployment of data analytics and ML solutions.

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Together, let’s close the gap to deployment. Be a partner in building the ecosystem empowering practitioners and companies to productionize data analytics and machine learning.

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