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Meet the team

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Event Organization


Session Chairs

Macarena Beigier-Bompadre

Data Scientist at Kenjo

Promit Ray

Data Scientist at Atheneum

Aline Quadros

Data Scientist at Joblift GmbH

Fateme Kamali

Data Scientist at DHL Consulting

Nora Mathelemuse

Data Analyst at ISD

Svetlana Levit

Doctoral researcher at TU Berlin, Learning and Intelligent Systems Lab

Elizabeth Press

Director of Data at Babbel

Irem Nasir

Data Scientist at Bayer

​Evdokia Kazimirova

Data Scientist at HelloFresh

Irina Ioana Brudaru

Head of Data & Analytics

Christina Jenkins

Head of Data at Devoteam Creative Tech

​Dr. Paul Elvers

Head of AI at datadrivers

Peter Yves Ruland

CTO & Founder at Preventio GmbH

Anita Okoh

Data Scientist at Delivery Hero

Roland Szabo

Independent Machine Learning Consultant

Anish Arora

Data & Analytics Lead

Diana Ackermann

Data Scientist and CEO at BD-A GmbH

Elif Shaefer

Engineering Manager at Contentful

Sebastian Rose

Team Lead Data Science at myToys

Ana Mikler

Data Scientist at Sensitech

Ellen König

Head of Data Engineering at WhereIsMyTransport

Min Ye

Applied Scientist Lead, Zalando



Nam Thanh Le

ML Intern at xarvio

David Akuma

DS Master's Student at the University of Hull

Samson Afolabi

Data Scientist at BASF

Arjun Haridas

Teacher at Spiced Academy

Olaoluwa Salami

DS Master's Student at the University of Hull

Aravind Sundaresan

Software Engineer at Microsoft

Jérémy Ortega

Jr. Machine Learning Engineer at myToys Group

Trishala Basti

MS Student - Project Management in DS at HTW

Jonathon Down Director at Equal IT

Kiran Kiran

Student at TU Berlin

Siamak Nakhaie

Data Science Student at Spiced Academy

Maria Dragoumi

Scientist at Fritz Haber Institute

Alexandros Samartzis

Data Science Student at Spiced Academy

Aloïs Villa

Data Scientist

Gena Kafedjiyska

Data Scientist

​Cynthia Siew-Tu

Data Scientst

Hazel Wat

Data Analyst and Product Manager

Soyoung Kwon

Analytic Engineer at Teamviewer

Miruna Popa

Senior Data Scientist

Sima Hassanvand

Data Scientist

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