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Mona is a new #datalift summit partner company!

Mona is a flexible and intelligent monitoring platform for AI / ML.

Mona is a flexible and intelligent monitoring platform for AI / ML. Data science teams leverage Mona’s powerful analytical engine to gain granular insights about the behavior of their data and models, and detect issues within specific segments of data, in order to reduce business risk and pinpoint areas that need improvements. Mona enables tracking custom metrics for any AI use case within any industry and easily integrates with existing tech stacks.

🤩The AI Guild is overjoyed to announce Mona as a #datalift company partner.

Find out more about Mona in their spotlight video, which will be shown at the networking and expo area. Check it out between sessions on 22 and 23 June.

Prior to Mona joining as a partner, its co-founder and CPO Itai Bar Sinai had already committed to delivering the keynote: "Taking AI from good to great by understanding it in the real world". You don’t want to miss it! Itai has the stage on Thursday, 23 June at 11.30 at Factory Berlin Görlizer Park.


More about Mona

About 3 years ago, we ventured on a mission to empower data teams to make AI more impactful and reliable, and to raise the collective confidence of business and technology leaders in their ability to make the most out of AI. We have come together, a team of experienced engineers, researchers, and operators, to build the most intelligent and flexible monitoring platform, to provide data and AI teams with continuous insights to help them reduce risks, optimize their operations, and ultimately build more valuable AI systems. Enterprises in a variety of industries leverage Mona for NLP/NLU, speech, computer vision, and machine learning use cases.

Mona was founded by experienced product leaders from Google and McKinsey&Co, is backed by top VCs, and has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2021, Mona was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Enterprise AI Operationalization and Engineering.

Check out Mona on YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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