• Dânia Meira

Spiced Academy is a new #datalift summit partner company!

Spiced Academy's intensive tech bootcamps help transform people's lives by empowering them to pursue a career they love.

Their courses are project-based and focused on equipping you with the skills and tools you’ll need in the real world as a data scientist or web developer.

The AI Guild is excited to partner with Spiced Academy for the #datalift summit.

On Friday, 24 June, Spiced will host the #datalift workshops at their new campus in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

💻 Join for hands-on learning, check out the Spiced Academy space and mingle with the practitioners and experts!


More about Spiced Academy

Spiced Academy is a tech education startup based in Berlin. We run intensive bootcamps in Data Science, Data Analytics and Full Stack Web Development that teach the most up-to-date, in-demand skills on the market.

Check out Spiced Academy on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


The AI Guild strives to ensure diversity and inclusion in all our events.

Find our diversity policy here.

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