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The #datalift value proposition for you and your company

Let's bridge the gap to deployment so you can productionize data analytics and machine learning solutions.
#datalift value proposition: 5 core aspects and achievements

1) Achieve clarity on how data analytics and machine learning add business value

It is the focus of the AI guild #datalift event series: what is the process that can be leveraged with data and automation? Is there enough relevant and qualified, or annotated, data to build a solution? How can the success of the project be measured?

2) Explain what it means to deploy

How do you get your model in production in the existing software landscape? How do you assure quality and guarantee minimal performance? How do you iterate on it to improve outcomes and integrate feedback? More than 40 AI Guild members are showing and moderating relevant #datalift use cases.

3) Develop trust in the technical competence of the practitioners

Besides showcasing use cases in production, the AI Guild accredits the leading practitioners working on them. The accreditation is a 90-day process that recognizes a practitioner qualified to perform at the highest standards for technical competence, ethical behavior, business impact, and benefits to society.

4) Show how to find people with the right technical skillset for your challenge

Each organization has its own specific needs according to the existing infrastructure and internal processes. We take that into consideration and further, we indicate how to build teams with the most relevant competencies. The AI Guild can boost your companies' capabilities.

5) Advocate for long-term investment in data infrastructure and deployment

We interview leading practitioners who are building at scale and have insights from the inside. They know and share with the community the lessons learned and paths to follow. The AI Guild enables companies to build their own end-to-end platform.

Experience all of it live: Join us for #datalift No 5 on 28 May 2021 at 11.00 CEST


Coming next: Season 2

We are looking to build an ecosystem together with the companies most interested in bridging the gap to deployment.

If you are interested, book a conversation here and we will share more details.

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