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Superwise is a new #datalift summit partner company!

Superwise provides your company with model observability for scale.

From missing values to concept drift, Superwise makes sense of models in production, so that you know when models misbehave, what happened, and what to do next.

Superwise will serve your company from Model 1 to Model X.

The AI Guild is excited for Superwise to be a #datalfit partner. Please stop by their booth to see how you can leverage Superwise in your ML workflow.

Prior to Superwise joining as a partner, CEO and co-founder Oren Razon already committed to delivering a use case in production: "The uncommon monitoring challenges unique to Fintech".


More about Superwise

Superwise is a model observability platform built for high-scale production ML. Giving practitioners fully automated, enterprise-grade model monitoring capabilities that take years to develop in-house, wrapped in a self-service platform.

Check out Superwise on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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