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Who is attending #datalift? Insights on the audience.

#datalift is a favourite with senior practitioners and the decision-makers for deploying data analytics and machine learning.

The #datalift event series has been running since September 2019 with over 4,000 registrations from practitioners all over the world. We launched with Zoom webinars and then switched to the hopin platform to facilitate more personal interactions among practitioners and companies.

#datalift event audience: 3 insights based on data from No 1 to 4

For invitations and marketing, we use a variety of channels like LinkedIn, Xing, Eventbrite, Meetup, and our own mailing list. It helps us reach the target audience: Practitioners and decision-makers deploying data & ML solutions.

Job function and seniority

#datalift audience: data practitioners and decison-makers
#datalift audience No 1 to 4
  • About 35% are senior data practitioners;

  • Another 35% are from entry- and mid-level data practitioners;

  • About 21% are decision-makers like managers, directors, VP and CxO;

  • The last 10% are founders and trainers.

AI Guild members are the backbone of the event series as use case presenters, session moderators, and also among the audience.


#datalift registrations are from all over the world
Map of #datalift registrations
  • Over 50% of the audience is located in Germany;

  • India and the US together represent another 10%;

  • Next are UK and France with a 4% presence each.

On 28 May at 11.00 CEST we will close #datalift Season 1 with a 180min live program featuring:

  • 1-2 key interview(s) with European AI leaders

  • 4-5 use cases in production in healthcare, automotive, computer vision and more

  • 60+ minutes of networking

Register here and join us live!


Coming next: Season 2

We are looking to build an ecosystem together with the companies most interested in bridging the gap to deployment.

If you are interested, book a conversation here and we will share more details.

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