#datalift summit for European data practitioners

Be a Speaker

"I loved the conference! It was very well organized, and I was impressed by all your work, starting from the early call for contributors.
As a speaker, I appreciate the guidelines and the schedule for deliverables to motivate us to be ready on time."

Chris Szafranek, Zalando

Your three options

A) Show Use Cases in Production

A 20-minute talk for practitioners

  • Validate your use case insights

  • Make connections with your peers

  • Get practical answers to your challenges

B) Run a Hands-on Workshop

A 3-hour interaction structured by you

  • Provide independent insight and recommendations

  • Enhance your reputation for AI by practice

  • Win new customers or colleagues

C) Share Data and Platform Practices

Give a keynote to

  • Present a quality data infrastructure

  • Discuss data teams and careers

  • Indicate how your company achieves scalable deployment  

Stage of #datalift summit 2022

The #datalift experience​

  • 40+ Use cases shared

  • 1800+ AI Guild members

  • 5000+ #datalift attendees

"As a founding member of the AI Guild, I was honored to chair the opening session at #datalift and very proud that after a long journey, all we hoped for finally happened."

- Macarena Beigier-Bompadre


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​Next Steps

  1. Get invited to discuss your proposal.

  2. Benefit from guidance by the Program Committee.

  3. Receive dedicated support for your session.